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For Principal Investigators


PGRN Investigators only (password required, click on upper right corner to log-into request username and password, click here)

PHONT slide set - Nov 7, 2014

CPIC slide set - Dec 5, 2014

PGPop slide set - Jan 2, 2015

PGRN-RIKEN slide set - Feb 6, 2015

RNA-seq slide set - Mar 6, 2015

TPP slide set - Apr 3, 2015, Additional slides Apr 10, 2015

DSR slide set - May 1, 2015

Sequencing Projects

PGRN Sequencing Version 2 Data Collection

Golden Set(s) for PGRN Seq


Request for "Top SNPs" from U. FL for TPP Program

NIGMS - Research Resource





PI Archives

Consortia Report given to All PIs

Exome chip slide from D. Nickerson (discussed at Berkeley Meeting)

Network Resource Access Guide Template

More PGRN Announcements...Oct. 1, 2012

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